Tips For Finding The Perfect Lipstick Shade

You should select lipstick according to your skin tone.

Imagine it: there are numerous lipstick brands but you don’t know what will suit you the most. You will have to wander here and there and shop around because you don’t want to compromise on quality

The truth is that there are countless retailers and online stores and there is a sea of options. Still, it can be really difficult to know the lipstick price and to ensure that the product you use will be good for your skin. This is probably the reason why most women and young girls visit beauty parlors or go to skin experts for suggestions or for wearing makeup.

You can definitely wear any kind of makeup but it has to match your skin tone. From the eyeshadow to the foundation and the liquid lipstick, everything has to look good on you. Here is how to actually make it possible.

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Determine The Tone Of Your Skin


Calling yourself black or white is not enough. You should properly and thoroughly determine your skin tone so that you can select a good and high-quality lipstick Amazon. Some girls are so beautiful and attractive that any kind of lipstick and eyeshadow suit them, but you may not be one of them.

So the idea is to spare some time to evaluate your skin tone. This will help you buy the best Revlon lipstick. There are five main types of skin: light, fair, tan, deep, and medium. For these types of skin, dusty, coral, and peach lipsticks will be good. They are meant for light and fair skin. Or else, you can try red, cherry, rose, berry, or mauve shades which are suitable for girls with a medium skin tone.

Girls and women who have tan skin tones should choose Sephora Matte lipstick having deep pink, red and brown shades. In case you have a deep skin tone, you will look vibrant and attractive with purple and dark brown shades. Or maybe, you will want to try hues like caramel, bluish red, and plum.

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Remember The Shape Of Your Lips


Whether you buy an eyeshadow palette or choose a lipstick set, you must consider the shape of your eyes, cheeks, lips, and other parts of the face. For example, if you are going out to buy lipsticks, you shouldn’t forget the shape of your lips.

Please remember that not all colors will suit you. Maybe, your friend or cousin is using pink and other light colors and they don’t necessarily have to look good on you. So the idea is to buy LancĂ´me lipstick matte or another similar product after knowing the actual shape and size of your lips.

For top-heavy and bottom-heavy lips, bright lipsticks are a good option. They will make the upper and lower lips look adorable. Also, you can apply some light yet glittering colors. A Sephora liquid lipstick can be chosen for this purpose. Women with asymmetrical lips should use lipsticks along with outlines. Those who have thin lips must try light shades and should avoid dark colors. Finally, women and young girls with plump lips can go with dark colors and should avoid too light or glossy shades or hues.

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